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"Alhamdulillah my husband and I was amazed by their hard work, completion on time within time range, trustworthy and it was beautiful renovation what we plan and expected. Mostly I love the wardrobe in the master bedroom and kitchen cabinet as it has been categorised, neat and presentable. And also the feature wall was beautifully made for my book collection. They meet the customer satisfaction. Would highly recommend Mustaqiim because he is trustworthy, if there's a crack he will prompt us and suggest what can be done. And the good is after completion of work he will take video and show it to us. So far, I admire his dedication of work, commitment and amanah. No regret from my husband and I for choosing Medina and Mustaqiim as our renovation ID. Thumbs up Medina. May Allah give wealth and make Medina fid dunya wal akhirah..Allahumma Amin."

Siti Raudhah, June 2023

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